Name templates in OpenMRS

Hi @Platform_Team !

I am looking forward to know more about name-templates in the OpenMRS. I was working on a fix for reversing the order of patient’s name (given - middle - family) for Cambodia Implementation. I had a discussion with @ibacher regarding the same and he shared about the name template in OpenMRS.

I am looking forward to know more about the same and want to know if we have an endpoint for the same?


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@vasharma05 yes this would be great to implement. I created a ticket about this several months ago here: [O3-2115] Patient name should be collected and rendered based on name template configuration - OpenMRS Issues


@vasharma05 did you get a chance to look at this? Customizing Name Layouts - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

@vasharma05 support for customising this as we do for addresses has just been completed by @iam0mujuzi and @ruhanga at [TRUNK-6192] - OpenMRS Issues

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Thank you @dkayiwa @iam0mujuzi @ruhanga for your efforts and great work!

Really grateful. Happy to pick up the work from next week.