MySQL & Tomcat tips/skills for new OpenMRS implementers?

What skills does a new user need to learn in MySQL and Tomcat to competently implement and maintain OpenMRS? I’m a beginner (obviously :slight_smile: ) .Before I knew OpenMRS I didn’t even know those programs existed. I know I shouldn’t be an expert in those huge programs but are there like a list of tasks or functions I should at least be able to perform using those programs before I start implementing OpenMRS in my facility?

Any suggestions on where I can attain those skills? online courses? certain training websites?

Thank you…

@hossam, I didn’t know anything about Tomcat before I started implementing OpenMRS. My knowledge of MySQL was limited too. I learned so much by just using them. Most of my learning was based around little problems that I ran into here and there. There are lots of good resources on the Internet, including the OpenMRS Wiki.

Basic things that an admin should know are how to restart the Tomcat services, how to adjust memory usage and how to view the log file. For MySQL, you should know how to import files through the command line utility; like when importing the CIEL dictionary. Knowing how to use a tool, like phpMyAdmin to view database/table structure is important too.

The only thing that I learned through trial and error that I wish I had more formal training for are SQL queries, particularly SELECT queries used in reporting where the Reporting Framework doesn’t cover; like the Facility Data Module data. Just doing a quick search, I suspect this online course would have really helped me with that…

I hope this gives you a starting point, until others share their insights.


@arbaughj Thank you so much for your help