mysql server installation failure

Hey there I’ trying to re-install MySQL server and facing this kind of error

The problem you are facing may be as a result of you installing both mysql-common and mysql-community-client-plugins individually hence showing that the other one was not installed and is required.Example when you run sudo apt install mysql-common it showes

Depends: mysql-community-client-plugins

and vice versa.

Therefore, to solve this problem install both using a single command like

sudo apt install mysql-community-client-plugins mysql-common

@jwnasambu i have tried this several times and the results are not helping as u can see==>my sql server installation -

Kindly is this the entire log after running sudo apt install mysql-community-client-plugins mysql-common? am not seeing the exact error thrown.

@jwnasambu it doesnt bring any errors as such but when when i type in the command it stops from there showing

0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.


thats the last line it shows meaning both




have not been installed …