mysql root password

wat type of password is needed i haave tried several but all fail grtgs family

@reginahnakinobe we can meet on this link if you are available.

Hello Julie… opefully yo well… Do we have any chance of a meeting tonight!!! 10:30 pm… preferably

Sure! Kindly ping me at 10:25pm I am in the middle of a fix and I may forget.

Ok thankfull

Hey Julie… Can I share meeting link

kindly go a head! thats the link Julie

hey julie its done lets link up

hello Julie hopefully all is well is wat we did last tym called creating creating a module… and how do i get to that platform u left me at…thanks dea

What you did was creating an SDK server. To run the server use this command mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run and this is the guide you were following. OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

hello Julie grtgs dea re u available you take me through creating a module in 30min tym else u can suggest wen yo free and kindly share a link

Oh sorry dear! today is a public holiday in Kenya may be tomorrow if all goes well!

Oooooooh dear Didn’t kno… Hihihu Kaaale mukwano… Enjoy the day