mysql password is correct

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mysql password is right but i still can not install a simple openmars.

Kindly share the tomcat log

Which mysql version are you running?

mysql Ver 8.0.23 for macos10.15 on x86_64 (MySQL Community Server - GPL)

cc @dkayiwa

yes mac ox

Kindly try running the lowest Mysql versions which is 5.6.

core 2.4.0 and above should be running well on mysql 8

I totally agree with you. Basing on the release notes of platform 2.4.0 openmrs supports MySQL ranging from 5.6 - 8.0. since version 5.6 has been able to solve the same problem in the past that is why I suggested @sunny to run that version.

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MySQL version 8.0.23 should work fine.

Just share your server side log via

ok i will try it

last week, i can install openmrs by mysql 8