MySQL Integrity Constraint Violation Exception

Hi developers @pascal, @michael, @dkayiwa,@wyclif

Recently I did an upgrade from version 1.9.7 to version 1.11.4 and now I installed the modules of version 2.3. But of these modules there is the Reference Meta data and the Reference Demo Data modules that loads but fails to start. The openmrs log shows that there are duplicate values for the UUID’s. First it was complaining of duplicates about Concept_Source_UUID_index and after discussing the problems with @dkayiwa we concluded that I should go ahead and edit these uuids. Did the editings(6 rows) for the Concept_Source_UUID index, followed by 1 row editing for the Concept_class and now 5 rows for the Concept uuid. But still having this Duplicate Error for other uuids and the concept table i have here has more than 40000 enteries.

Please I wish you all help. Here is the link to the pastebin of the log

Generally speaking, it’s not possible to install the Reference Metadata module on top of an existing concept dictionary (unless it is the CIEL dictionary).

The approach I think you’d need to take is to manually create certain concepts as needed to make the reference application run. (Offhand I don’t know what these would be.)

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