My OpenMRS Frontend Fellowship Journey (2024)

Hi everyone! :wave: I’m Nethmi Rodrigo from Colombo, Sri Lanka :sri_lanka:. I’ve recently joined OpenMRS as a frontend engineer fellow for the Global Support Team, and it has officially been one month since I joined. Here’s a small recap of what I’ve been up to this past month, and what I will continue to be up to xD.

I joined on the first of May (2024), and my first tasks were to go through the docs and wikis and set everything up. I admit, at first, seeing OpenMRS in all its wondrous complexities was a bit daunting, but in a good way—it made me excited and grateful for the opportunity to work on a system that I could learn so much from.

Since then, under the mentorship of @dkigen, who I believe I lucked out with as a mentor because I’ve been learning so much and enjoying the process as I do so (which I believe is very important), I’ve:

  • Worked on some tickets (mainly on form-engine-lib) and did some PR reviews
  • Worked on updating the O3 docs
  • Joined the release team (under the guidance of @dkigen and @vasharma05) and handled the release of some modules
  • Set up an example instance for the PATH DRC project with @ibacher and @dkigen

In the upcoming months, I wager I’ll spend most of my time working with @jmwiinga on the PATH DRC project, and also focus on learning as much as I can and contributing wherever I can. I strongly believe in learning from whatever I do, for what good is what I build if it doesn’t (in some way) help build me. :slight_smile:

Special thanks to @janflowers, @grace, and @erica and the community for graciously welcoming me with open arms. My onboarding experience has been nothing but wonderful thanks to you all! Thanks to @dkigen, @ibacher, @bistenes, @jayasanka, and @vasharma05 for their technical guidance and for being an inspiration. Listening to how you guys talk about everything is inspiring, and I gain so much knowledge just from tagging along.

Slightly long read, but thank you for taking the time to read it. Looking forward to the upcoming months. Onwards and upwards! :rocket:


We join hands with you @nethmi pouring out our broken hearts to all mentors , saying thanks soo much for the great work you do .