My OpenMRS Fellowship Journey: Ayesh

Hi All

I am Ayesh. I got this great opportunity to contribute to openMRS as a fellow. I will be working as a development fellow.

So to give an idea of how things are going up to now. I had few calls with @k.joseph @mozzy @jennifer @gcliff regarding the work to be done. On the first call, we had a code walkthrough on the Analytics Engine what has been done up to now. Mozzy gave an in-depth code walkthrough thanks a lot.

And we had a call today and talked about setting up the dev environment and talked about the blockers that we had. Also, Kaweesi suggested coming up with a write up on the Batch Processing mode in Analytics Engine. We decided to move up and have this call as our fellowship call where we will be discussing the problems that we have.

I am planning to come up with the write up next week and start on a ticket on Analytics Engine as well. Will be posting weekly updates on this same talk thread. Till then have a great week all :smiley:


In this week my task was to get familiar with the Analytics engine and come up with a blog for the Batch mode (BuldkUpload mode) which can give an overview of the technologies behind and the workflow of the pipeline.

I came up with this blog post as the result. Also, I was engaged in weekly calls in Analytics Engine and Fellow mentor sessions as well.

Special thanks to @ibacher

cc :- @jennifer @mozzy @k.joseph @gcliff