My OpenMRS Fellowship Journey 2024: Wikum Weerakutti

Hi everyone, I am Wikum Weerakutti from Sri Lanka. I’ve been contributing to the OpenMRS for almost two years now. What initially drew me to OpenMRS is its commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology and its diverse and supportive team.

Last year I had the privilege of participating in Google Summer of Code with the OpenMRS. During this, I dedicated my efforts to enhancing the OpenMRS SDK. This provided me with invaluable insights into the OpenMRS.

I am grateful to announce that I have been selected as an OpenMRS Backend Engineering Fellow. Throughout this fellowship, my primary objective will be to enhance the OpenMRS backend infrastructure, guided by the invaluable mentorship of @dkayiwa.

Over the past few weeks, Daniel and I have been exploring strategies to enhance the startup time of OpenMRS. Additionally, we had discussions on how to move forward with OpenMRS standalone and patientflag module GSOC projects.

I am sincerely grateful to OpenMRS for entrusting me with this incredible opportunity. I invite you all to join me on this journey by following along with the updates and discussions shared within this talk thread. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to me. Thank you for taking the time to read through this.


A very well-deserved congratulations to you Wikum!! Your hard work, clear communication, investment in docs, and thoughtful engineering really make you stand out :smiley: :clap:

Awesome :smiley:


Congratulations, Wikum! :tada:


congrats Wikum :boom:


Congratulations Wikum!


Congrats @wikumc well deserved :+1:


Congratulations, @wikumc! :clap:

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A big Congratulations @wikumc :clap:

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Congratulations @wikumc :star2:

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congrats @wikumc

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Congs @wikumc a big experience awaits u :clap:

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Hi everyone,

It has been a month since I last provided an update on my fellowship journey. Over the past few weeks, I was occupied with exams, which limited my availability for full-time work. Now that the exams are over, I am fully committed to contributing to OpenMRS. Here are some of the tasks I am currently focusing on:

Adding Detailed Audit Logging to OpenMRS

OpenMRS lacks a comprehensive audit system. which would enable admin users to track database changes effectively. My primary focus has been researching potential solutions for this issue. Currently, we are exploring the adoption of Hibernate Envers as it aligns well with our existing usage of Hibernate across various modules.

Making Global properties access should be privileged

The main objective of this is to restrict access to global properties to authorized users only. A major challenge of this is ensuring that OpenMRS can access essential global properties during startup before the user logs in. I’ve explored several methods for implementation and have created draft pull requests to solicit feedback from @dkayiwa and determine the most suitable approach.

Reviewing GSOC contributor proposals

This year I am mentoring the GSOC project for validating and re-working (updating) the OpenMRS PatientFlags module. We received five proposals for this project, and I dedicated time to thoroughly review each one. During the review process, we assessed factors such as the student’s previous contributions, their understanding of the project, and the quality of formatting and structure in their proposals. After careful consideration of all the proposals, we have selected the one that shows the most promise. Stay tuned for further updates!

I have also worked on a few other tasks too. My main focus at the moment is to complete the existing tickets and help with the OpenMRS platform roadmap. Thank you for reading, Until next time!


Looking forward to the next update on this :slight_smile: This detailed audit logging is an important need for OpenMRS and we’re so glad to have you working on this :slight_smile: (And Global Properties authorization too, of course!!)


Hi all,

I want to provide an update on what’s been happening over the past few weeks. During this time, my focus has primarily been on two tickets. Let’s take a closer look at each ticket and the progress made on them.

TRUNK-6203: Global property access should be privileged

This ticket has been a significant priority for OpenMRS, with plans to incorporate it into the platform version 2.7. Adding authorization for accessing global properties enhances system security. Once this authorization is implemented we have to ensure core functions and modules can access global properties during startup for smooth user login.

There are two methods to resolve this:

  1. We could utilize the addProxyPrivilege(String privilege) method to grant the privilege to the user when necessary.
  2. Alternatively, we could introduce a new method that grants access to essential privileges to anonymous users.

After discussing with @dkayiwa, we have decided to proceed with the first method

I’ve created the following PRs for this ticket:

In addition, we might have to add support to a few other modules to ensure compatibility with both O2 and O3 distributions.

OMRS-131: Detailed Audit Logging

We decided to use Hibernate Envers to audit changes in the OpenMRS database. This choice aligns well with our current use of Hibernate throughout OpenMRS. To fully enable audit logging, we need to complete the following steps:

  • Enable Hibernate Envers in the OpenMRS core.
  • Develop a separate module that allows users to view the logs.

I thought enabling Envers going to be a straightforward task because according to the Hibernate Envers documentation, you just need to add the Hibernate Envers dependency to the project and use the @Auditied annotation to the entity you need to audit. However, I faced several issues, particularly with auto-generating audit tables for some entities. I won’t delve into the technical details here, but if you’re interested, please take a moment to read the comments in the following PRs.

After several fixes, I have enabled auditing for all core tables except the user_properties table. I am currently investigating this issue and hope to resolve it without making significant code changes to the core.

GSOC-2024: Validating and re-working (updating) the OpenMRS PatientFlags module

We chose @manojll for this GSOC project due to his excellent proposal and significant prior contributions to OpenMRS. He is now hard at work on this project and has already made a few pull requests. You can find more details about the project’s progress by visiting the wiki project page and reading his blog posts. Both @dkayiwa and I are excited to mentor him on this project.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. Your valuable feedback is always appreciated

cc: @grace


Wikum this is one of the best technical fellowship posts ever :slight_smile: Thank you for explaining all this so clearly!! Great updates and I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to hear about all this progress. Keep up the great work! :clap:


Thank you… :heart: