My OpenMRS Fellowship Journey 2022: Joshua Nsereko

A different light with OpenMRS Quality Assurance :hugs:

I am Nsereko Joshua, an undergraduate software engineering student at Bugema University (Uganda), currently in my last year of study. I love working with teams and solving problems to better the world.

With great excitement, i am glad to join the 3rd cohort (2022) of OpenMRS fellowship Program as a Quality Assurance fellow aiming at the development and maintenance of the OpenMRS QA tooling, with @dkayiwa as my fellowship mentor.

Prior to this role, i contributed to OpenMRS security squad under the programme of GSOC 2021 where i patched security vulnerabilities in OpenMRS ReffApp 2.X. I have also raised PRs for FHIR2 and OpenMRS 3.0 of recent.

During the fellowship program, i hope to rapidly bundle up my quality assurance expertise introducing/extending Quality Assurance beyond its current scope, to increase the reliability of our product, users’ confidence and the community’s credibility hence saving more lives.

First month(April)

  • Reached out my mentor for an analysis of the current state of QA and were more work is needed.
  • Polished my knowledge about OpenMRS Quality Assurance tooling.
  • Attended QA calls with @sharif, @kdaud, @christine and the whole QA team

As the saying goes, “ travel broadens the mind ”, i am so optimistic that in this journey, i will pick up Daniel’s brain increasing on the number of resourceful Quality Assurance personnels to grow more entry-level devs through mentorship.

A big thank you to the OpenMRS Fellowship Program administrators lead by @jennifer for granting me this opportunity.

Until the next update …


@jnsereko Congratulations! keep going the sky is your limit.

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Excited to have you join us in QA @jnsereko ! Looking forward to seeing your contributions to the QA team and watching you grow in your fellowship. :slight_smile:


My First month (May)

May begun with an informative meeting with @dkayiwa. We outlined which work had been left out yet it’s a priority to the community with regards to OpenMRS Quality Assurance. We concluded that we had to improve/recreate FHIR integrated tests to use an OpenMRS instance with a real database. FHIR is now the intermediate service layer of our OMRS connecting the frontend to the database. OMRS frontend systems are now pulling/pushing data to and fro the OMRS database using FHIR yet some functionality (seamingly working) fails on deployment. I also had to reach @ibacher since he was informative about this whole thing.

The Ultimate goal of this was to model tests for CRUD operations for the FHIR Patient Domain

what is done

What is left

  • Migrating work to a new module just like I had done it before
  • Skipping it’s tests locally but running them on pull requesting
  • Migrating running and stoping docker into a new workflow

how much time needed

A week

What was hard

  • Starting and stoping docker containers on windows servers with GitHub actions hence GitHub actions failed a lot.

Future of this work

  • Extending what is done here to more domains beyond Patient
  • Creating issues for the interested to crime in

I send a special Thank you to @dkayiwa @kdaud @ibacher @sharif and all other QA team members for the support.

See y’all in a few.


@jnsereko Well done on that work of fhir real integration for patient domain test :+1: