My OpenMRS Fellowship Journey 2022: Joshua Nsereko

A different light with OpenMRS Quality Assurance :hugs:

I am Nsereko Joshua, an undergraduate software engineering student at Bugema University (Uganda), currently in my last year of study. I love working with teams and solving problems to better the world.

With great excitement, i am glad to join the 3rd cohort (2022) of OpenMRS fellowship Program as a Quality Assurance fellow aiming at the development and maintenance of the OpenMRS QA tooling, with @dkayiwa as my fellowship mentor.

Prior to this role, i contributed to OpenMRS security squad under the programme of GSOC 2021 where i patched security vulnerabilities in OpenMRS ReffApp 2.X. I have also raised PRs for FHIR2 and OpenMRS 3.0 of recent.

During the fellowship program, i hope to rapidly bundle up my quality assurance expertise introducing/extending Quality Assurance beyond its current scope, to increase the reliability of our product, users’ confidence and the community’s credibility hence saving more lives.

First month(April)

  • Reached out my mentor for an analysis of the current state of QA and were more work is needed.
  • Polished my knowledge about OpenMRS Quality Assurance tooling.
  • Attended QA calls with @sharif, @kdaud, @christine and the whole QA team

As the saying goes, “ travel broadens the mind ”, i am so optimistic that in this journey, i will pick up Daniel’s brain increasing on the number of resourceful Quality Assurance personnels to grow more entry-level devs through mentorship.

A big thank you to the OpenMRS Fellowship Program administrators lead by @jennifer for granting me this opportunity.

Until the next update …


@jnsereko Congratulations! keep going the sky is your limit.

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Excited to have you join us in QA @jnsereko ! Looking forward to seeing your contributions to the QA team and watching you grow in your fellowship. :slight_smile: