My Fellowship Journey: Tendayi Mutangadura

Hi there! I am Tendayi Mutangadura from Cape Town, South Africa, and previously worked OpenMRS Rwanda EMR upgrade assisting with QA and manuals documentation reviews. I am excited to be working with Grace Potma and the community at large as a Product Management fellow.

Through the advice of my mentor, I began to have a clear idea of what needed to be done during my second month as a product management fellow. I was given the task of reviewing and improving the OpenMRS user personas and site profiles. This was a fun assignment since I got to show off what I know about writing personalities and I got to meet with my mentor for review meetings. These revision sessions with Grace were quite beneficial in teaching me how to create personas in a clear and concise manner.

I kept attending OpenMRS 3.0 Product & Design sessions as well as 0.3 Backlog Review & Priorities Escalations meetings. The sessions helped me improve my sprint review activities and Jira ticket prioritization skills. Aside from our weekly meetings with my mentor, I’ve been attending 3.X Frontend calls, which have been interesting to hear about other people’s use cases and what they’ve been working on in terms of the frontend.

Thanks and watch the space for my next blog. Cheers


@tendayi.mutangadura Thanks for sharing this inspiring experience with with OpenMrs…It’s a motivating tool to me.

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