My Fellowship Journey : Juliet Wamalwa

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I am Juliet Wamalwa from Uganda, and I have been actively involved with the OpenMRS community for over 3years as a developer, Release manager, Documetation lead, GCI and GSoC mentor and helpdesk support level 1.

Am very excited to join the 2nd OpenMRS cohort fellowship 2021 as a fellow in the area of development focusing on OCL for OpenMRS. I will be working directly with @hadijah315 as my fellow mentor and @ibacher OCL developer Lead in my fellowship journey.

In the first Month (April) of the fellowship.

  • I have been and am striving to understand the project clearly .

  • Contributed to the OCLOMRS repository.

  • Attended the call with my mentor and my fellow partner @suruchi on how we shall achieve our set goal .

  • I have been attending the OCL weekly calls.

  • Reaching out to various people with expertise where I seem not to understand for more clarification for that case I want to says thanks to the entire OCL team, @ibacher for your timely explanation and help where am stack and for teaching me how to solve the Travis CI failure when the build is successful locally (I was almost earning honors in Travis failure ), @dkayiwa always available to unblock me when I ping you, @jecihjoy teaching me on how to solve the breaking tests am really grateful for your help and I don’t want to take you for granted and @jennifer thanks for your timely response whenever I reached out for clarification on my fellowship journey.

Thank you!


In the past 2 weeks as a fellow, I continued getting more familiar with the OCL for openmrs by participating in the development sprint and currently am striving hard to understand the Subscription Module by fixing the tickets on the openmrs-module-openconceptlab repository.

I also created a testing environment for openmrs-module-openconceptlab and am planning to test all the Subscription Module tickets that I have fixed to ensure the changes works perfectly without causing any test failures. I have been engaged in weekly calls and holding sessions with colleagues and my mentor @hadijah315. This week I will be participating in the creation of new tickets for the next sprint as I continue fixing tickets in the previous sprint.

Thanks to @hadijah315 , @ibacher, and the OCL entire team.


Great work with the subscription module tickets @jwnasambu , we are looking forward to learning about it from you.