My Fellowship Journey : Juliet Wamalwa

I am Juliet Wamalwa from Uganda, and I have been actively involved with the OpenMRS community for over 3years as a developer, Release manager, Documetation lead, GCI and GSoC mentor and helpdesk support level 1.

Am very excited to join the 2nd OpenMRS cohort fellowship 2021 as a fellow in the area of development focusing on OCL for OpenMRS. I will be working directly with @hadijah315 as my fellow mentor and @ibacher OCL developer Lead in my fellowship journey.

In the first Month (April) of the fellowship.

  • I have been and am striving to understand the project clearly .

  • Contributed to the OCLOMRS repository.

  • Attended the call with my mentor and my fellow partner @suruchi on how we shall achieve our set goal .

  • I have been attending the OCL weekly calls.

  • Reaching out to various people with expertise where I seem not to understand for more clarification for that case I want to says thanks to the entire OCL team, @ibacher for your timely explanation and help where am stack and for teaching me how to solve the Travis CI failure when the build is successful locally (I was almost earning honors in Travis failure ), @dkayiwa always available to unblock me when I ping you, @jecihjoy teaching me on how to solve the breaking tests am really grateful for your help and I don’t want to take you for granted and @jennifer thanks for your timely response whenever I reached out for clarification on my fellowship journey.

Thank you!


In the past 2 weeks as a fellow, I continued getting more familiar with the OCL for openmrs by participating in the development sprint and currently am striving hard to understand the Subscription Module by fixing the tickets on the openmrs-module-openconceptlab repository.

I also created a testing environment for openmrs-module-openconceptlab and am planning to test all the Subscription Module tickets that I have fixed to ensure the changes works perfectly without causing any test failures. I have been engaged in weekly calls and holding sessions with colleagues and my mentor @hadijah315. This week I will be participating in the creation of new tickets for the next sprint as I continue fixing tickets in the previous sprint.

Thanks to @hadijah315 , @ibacher, and the OCL entire team.


Great work with the subscription module tickets @jwnasambu , we are looking forward to learning about it from you.


Hello community,

In the previous 2 Weeks, I finished up with some tasks in the subscription module and am glad to report these achievements after the Subscription Module was fixed by @ibacher to work on RefApp & Local server that helped in testing process.

  • The Set members of a concept can be seen on the dictionary.

  • The token is sent when downloading a dictionary from OCL .

  • A user can import a private dictionary through the subscription module.

  • Subscription Module can now support answer option ordering changes. Thanks @ibacher for helping me achieve the above set goals.

Last week the greatest task was to ensure a user is able to switch to a different public source to get concepts along side the 3 preferred sources(CIEL, PIH, MSFOCP) and back to the original source and am glad we achieved this as a team pairing up with @hadijah315 and the entire OCL squad coming up with the appropriate model.

Apparently, am trying to ensure a user is able to copy concepts from a different dictionary as I go through the Cypress and cucumber tutorials in preparation for the next sprint. Thanks to @k.joseph and @ibacher for the tutorials. @sharif , @gracebish and @kdaud for the sync and orientation in automated testing.

As anticipated, I will continue participating in the sprints, Attend weekly squad meetings and my mentor. Thanks to the community I really appreciate your support.


Great job @jwnasambu with the subscription module and exposing all sources for users to pick concepts from. :clap:

Hello friends

Though struggling with migraine for the past 2 weeks I was able to achieve some skills required by a software developer along side development. As I wait for the ticket to be approved so that I can share a demo on how a user(s) is able to pick concepts from other sources and dictionaries, kindly allow me share some skills I acquired in the past 2 weeks…

  1. Speed & productivity

My morning hours are full of reading and researching to know what am working on and the would be way forward. On different occasions, it appeared as if I 'm reading between the lines or the bug is too strange for me to handle. To solve this, I have learnt to reach out to the community members who have this expertise. I honestly, share my thoughts without fear of being judged and all those whom I approached have been receptive to me. Thanks @nmalyschkin @corneliouzbett), @ibacher , @bistenes besides sharing the resources, you challenge me to think out of the box by asking different questions to understand my knowledge on the given subject, @sharif , @kdaud, @gcliff and @mozzy.

  1. Honest

After watching the communication on TALK on how the senior developers handle their conversions on a given topic, I have learnt to admit my mistakes and what I don’t know. After all, making a mistake happens to everybody. The right thing I have learnt to do is to try to learn from them and avoid them in the future.

  1. Debugging skills

I have learned this skill though still learning because I believe its a continuous process. At least am versed with the syntax errors thought still struggling to understand the logic/semantic errors and the compilation errors but I believe with time I will be there. @herbert24 thanks for the timely point out on this errors.


I should admit not all my time is for coding and so the time am not doing the coding part I opt to attend the community squad calls and learn how other members are presenting and show casing their work. How people communicate and bring out their points without offending each other even when they are not consenting and I must admit I have learnt a lot from this squads which has helped me in my daily encounter with people.

@jennifer thanks for making me revisit my fellowship goals and find out what I have achieved and what I haven’t so that you can direct me to the correct resources and people to help. @dkayiwa for the resources you shared with that helps me evaluate myself on how close I’m to be a good developer. @gracebish , @sharif and @kdaud for attending OCL squad calls and reminding me where I can do better when making a presentation and I believe my esteem is improving by your help. Thanks to the entire OCL team for paying attention to every detail during the showcase it really motivates to work hard and smarter.


Hi friends, I would love to share with you what I did the past 2 weeks. My focus was on understanding automated testing using cypress-cucumber. To level up I attending a session organised by DHIS2 on the same topic and another session organised by @ibacher. Though I tried writing the tests for creating Dictionary functionality, they all flopped terribly because of some dependencies which needed to be upgraded. Out of the test failure I have learned not to take anything for granted . Thanks to @k.joseph, @kdaudi, @jayasanka for always coming to my rescue when I reach out and even make a follow-up after the call. @ibacher for the time dedicated to review 200+ lines of code on a day even when you knew they were failing hopefully the next PR will make Travis happy.

Besides that, I attended the customization session lead by @ibacher which helped me embark on the the task on how to copy concepts from another dictionary in addition to source,Onborded @GraceBish to OCL who is interested in writing test with cypress and cucumber and had a talk with with my mentor on my fellowship progress.

What’s next in the Month of July.

  • Working on automated tests tickets.
  • Fix the customization tickets since I have got a clear understanding on the requirement.
  • Attend the squad calls every week.
  • Attend scrum on a daily basis.

Blessed July month to every!


Hello friends, am so glad to be back after 2 weeks. I was so much into automated testing using cypress - cucumber. The journey has not been easy, but I must admit I had a lot of learning experiences from the build failures and learning from other members with much experience than me. I run from one error into another and the more I googled and reached out to experts, I realised someone else has ever gone through most of the errors though the answers were scanty. @jayasanka and @kdaud thanks for always helping me out whenever am stack and the daily check-up to ensure everything is running well. @k.joseph for taking me through serious debugging sessions whenever I reached without complaining and labouring to ensure I understood what I was doing. @ibacher thanks for the time you created to have a 1:1 call just to ensure the content and the commands am running are right. Besides that, answering my many questions a midst your tight schedule. Friends, I can’t thank you enough and for the first time the create organisation feature tests were able to pass and out off excitement, I made this video Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software to demonstrate what I was working on. Thanks to everyone for your support!!


@jwnasambu :clap: :clap: :clap:


I must admit the past 2 weeks have not been easy, after loosing our friend and mentor kaweesi, but I was able to pick up the broken pieces so as to proceed with the QA tasks that I was doing. The journey has been full of build failures but with a lot of learning experience which has taught me to take debugging as a priority. The workflow am working on now requires me to get the current URL of the page that is currently active though still struggling with url assert errors but am optimist I will be able to present my work in both QA and Dictionary management squads come next week. Thanks @jayasanka and @ibacher for the review and sharing additional learning material. @kdaud for the call and for videos on Cypress-cucumber BDD I really appreciate your help friends.

Good news, a user is now able to pick concepts from another dictionary as well as a source. Hopefully its gonna be a user friendly functionality. Come next week if all goes well I will continue with QA tasks, attend the squad call as well as the sprint review call. Blessed new month to us all in advance!


This is amazing!

It’s great to see your continued growth Juliet! Keep up the good work.

Hello friends, its yet another moment I desire to share with you my fellowship journey! In the past 2 weeks I have been concentrating on automated testing specifically on adding concepts from a preferred source and adding bulk concepts to a given dictionary. Though the unit tests are passing, the automated tests are throwing an error and through a 1:1 call with @ibacher he helped me discover the error was originating from the RestAPI. Through this error, I must admit I don’t understand the OCL workflow something which am striving to learn so that we can be on the same page when fixing the RestAPI issue with Ian. Thanks @ibacher for your time and your desire to help me grow something I don’t want to take for granted.

@kdaud, @sharif, @jayasanka and @gracebish for your timely support and resources shared to ensure I get a wider scope of what am working on. @burke for the hour you provided to help me understand what is expected of me on OCLOMRS-1007 and I must admit I was touched by your humility during your explanation and its a tact I desire to emulate in my career. @ball thanks for your support and encouragement you and Ian are the reason why I can’t give up! @janflowers and @jennifer thanks for the call to find out how am faring on with my fellowship journey something which helps me to be accountable. I will continue attending the OCL calls, contribute to the sprint and showcase my work once done.


Hello everyone

In the past two weeks I have been trying to finish up the automated test for
Adding bulk concepts to an existing dictionary which has not been an easy journey and because of limited resources on cypress, most of my help was from @ibacher and am so glad out of 4 scenarios one is passing :relaxed: on a daily basis I have been running into different errors but after trying for hours and I fail, @ibacher creates time for a 1:1 call to ensure he explain the error(s) am facing and how I can go about it! Ian, when I grow up in my career, I want to be like you. Thanks @jayasanka for always following up on what am doing , finding out where am blocked and reviewing my work. @kdaud for sharing the resources to help gain new skills and @ball for your moral support I can’t thank you enough friends enough.

Next month:

  • Continue attending the squad calls.

  • Showcase my work during the call.

  • Contribute to the dictionary manager sprints.

              ***Blessed new month to everyone!!!***

Keep up the good work @jwnasambu ! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Great work @jwnasambu and thanks for pressing forward in the journey!

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Keep the good work @jwnasambu . Well done :ok_hand:

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well done @jwnasambu

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Hello friends, for the past 2 weeks I have been concentrating on Automated testing and also the bug fixes. Part of the bug fixes are:

  1. A User being able to select other languages in a given source.

  2. Paging, Searching and filtering through the list of concepts.

  3. AddBulkConcepts to the dictionary (automated testing which is under code review) Thanks @bacher for your guidance and review of my work, @judeniroshan for the time you created to help me understand the browser console.@vasharma05 for the sync on how to fix a picker on a page and @christine and @gracebish for encouraging me take advantage of the errors and learn more. I really appreciate your help friends and may you be blessed.

Next 2 weeks:

  • Continue attending the squad calls.
  • Showcase my work during the calls.
  • Contribute to the dictionary manager sprints.

Great to see your continued progress @jwnasambu & well done!

@hadijah315 @jwnasambu hope you remember that we have a deal to achieve in making our automated tests for Dictionary Manager into personas as @ibacher recommended on the thread here. I’m waiting for your alert when ready :seedling:


Yes I do. I will be available soon though for my learning purpose we can have call on weekend if its okay with you.

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