My Fellowship Journey: Bett Kipchumba

Hi there :wave:t5:

I’m Kipchumba C. Bett, but people call me “Bett” from Eldoret, Kenya. I work as a Software Engineer at AMPATH Kenya. I’d enjoy music, riding my bike, and reading.

On and off, I’ve been a member of this community for some time now. You may have seen my work because I’ve contributed to a number of projects. FHIR support for openmrs, service delivery queues backend, and cohorts are a few examples.

A number of personal circumstances have kept me from embarking on this adventure for some time now. Finally, I’m excited and eager to get started on the fellowship program and concentrate on honing my software engineering skills. In the coming months, I’ll learn more about the community’s ongoing projects and challenges/community priority issues and help come up with solutions. I will also provide mentorship and help review some PRs.

To begin, I’ll be focusing on;

  • Utilizing docker to build and develop openmrs modules.
  • Add support to build and develop using docker to the rest of openmrs modules(at least actively maintained ones).
  • Refactor openmrs-module-basicexample (example module provided by openmrs SDK) to include docker development support
  • Backport Rafal’s changes here to openmrs core maintained branches i.e. 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x, …

I’m hoping that with @raff assistance and guidance, I’ll be able to complete the tasks listed above and more especially improve the developer experience.

Lastly, a big thank you to @jennifer for her help and guidance in getting me up and running. Thanks also to @jdick @grace @burke @ibacher @dkayiwa, as well as everyone else we’ve talked to along the way.

~ Bett


Welcome to the fellowship program Bett!! It’s going to be a pleasure to follow your journey in this thread. It’s so good that you’re helping to move OpenMRS containerization forward. Dockerization of OMRS is something I heard interest in from many org representatives across East Africa recently. CC/FYI @rubailly

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Welcome to the fellowship and good to see you @corneliouzbett

@corneliouzbett I wish you the best in your fellowship journey. Am grateful for having your back during my journey.