My Experience with OpenMRS Jumpstart Academy and My Wishes for Upcoming Contributions


My sincere appreciation to the OpenMRS community for planning the fantastic OpenMRS Academy programme is offered. I have learned a great deal from taking part in those sessions as well as attending to the recordings again.

In addition to offering an opportunity for education, the OpenMRS Academy promoted a learning environment in which knowledge was not limited. Every gathering served as a tribute to the commitment and enthusiasm of the community members who so kindly offered their knowledge and experience.

I want to express my special gratitude to @grace @jayasanka @vasharma05 @dkayiwa and whole OpenMRS family, whose advice and mentoring have been very helpful to me during this process. Their commitment to promoting teamwork and learning is incredibly motivating.

For anyone who would like to experience the enriching content of the OpenMRS Academy, please visit OpenMRS 3 Jumpstart! – to access the recordings and resources.

I would like to convey my delight and eagerness to give OpenMRS my all. I look forward to the chance to support the community’s admirable goals and give back to it. I will never forget the event, which deepened my understanding and stoked my passion for OpenMRS and its goals. I am incredibly appreciative of the chance to interact with this lively and encouraging group.

We are grateful to OpenMRS for providing this priceless chance and for your steadfast dedication to promoting healthcare via open-source cooperation. Alongside the OpenMRS community, I look forward to continuing to learn and develop.

Thank you :heart:


Thank you @dilankavishka for this beautiful and thoughtful post! We’re delighted to hear you had such a positive experience.

ICYMI we have since uploaded the technical QA content into a self-paced online course here: Intro to O3 Quality Assurance Automation –

…and we hope to have the O3-for-Developers portion in a similar format soon too!