My browser doesn't reload changes after edits are made

Hello everyone, I am working on the Addon manager module.
Normally when i make changes on my code, the webpack auto bundles and updates the browser but the changes are currently not in the browser. I have cleared cache, hard reloaded the browser and restarted my server, yet i am unable to see changes made.

@dkayiwa @annette @elbertbiggs360 @malmike @patrick @justmesam @suthagar23

Did you remember to run

npm run watch

Yes i always do

There might be some issues due to the dependency management for the bundle plugin. Did you get any success message about the complied bundle?

Yes i did @suthagar23

The problem has been fixed. Apparently the issue was from the standalone settings and not the webpack compiler as i thought. Thanks @ivange94 and @suthagar23 for your input.

@ebuka it would be great to share what you exactly did to fix the problem. Just in case some one lands on this thread for answers to the same problem.

There was a bug i was trying to fix which required i make some changes to openmrs-standalone settings as shown above. Unknown to me, the effect of the change generated another openmrs folder in the standalone server which no longer corresponds to the path of the webpack configuration on my system. All i had to do was delete the config.json and referenceapplication-standalone , then restart a new referenceapplication-standalone

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