mvn clean install permission denied

I get the following error when i run mvn clean install. @jwnasambu, @herbert24, @sharif, please advise

The problem once again is module directory, maven is not recognising that project… you can also take a look into this program files/java/jdk/bin/java: permission denied

Thanks. let me try it out

@gracebish what do you get when you run the following commands inside your working directory assuming you’re using git bash

1 . ls -la

  1.  git status

Windows sometimes is stubborn , you may have to run the command line Interface as Admin , or change he write Access permissions of the user.

Let me know if you find this effective

hi grace whish operating system are you using,your jdk doesn’t have the required permissions!

@gracebish did you set a java path during installation of jdk? to confirm that run javac -version or javac -v