"mvn clean install" Build Failure

System: Windows 10 Maven Version: 3.6.3 Java Version: 1.8.0_241

When I am running the “mvn clean install” command, eventually during the API tests the build fails and I am not sure why. I have provided a screenshot of the error shown. I am not sure why, in the two failed tests, the moduels are not getting their expected values.

Sorry @drazov. Kindly draw more light on what you were trying to do prior to running the build. mvn clean install is just a command that helps in executing a clean build life cycle and installs build phase in the default build cycle and the API is part of the phase.

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can you remove the space from the “College Files” folder name and build again ??

@mozzy Thank you for the advice. I redownloaded everything as well as renaming the directory and that got the build to succeed through the whole way. Seems like what you said did the trick. Thanks a ton

Your welcome @drazov , you didnt have to redownload anyway, removing the space would have worked alone