mvn clean install build errors

I get a build failure after running mvn. The underlying issue is that after saving code, it formats some line of code in a way that changes it completely from the original code, which is not my intention. However after fixing it with pressing ctr +z immediately after pressing the save button, then run mvn, this is the error i get

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Oh sorry @gracebish you are getting an error because of unknown lifecycle phase e reflected on mvn e clean install , Kindly specify a valid lifecycle phase by running mvn clean install command.

@gracebish I want to believe mvn e clean install was a typo its supposed to be mvn -e clean install

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Thanks @jwnasambu. I have finally got a successful build.

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I am wondering why other code which i have not changed presents itself in my PR as changed. The changes i see in my PR are totally different as seen TRUNK-5115-new-10:Replace use of conditional logging with slf4j param… by gracebish · Pull Request #3705 · openmrs/openmrs-core · GitHub. I had the same issue yesterday, closed the PR, and repeated the process afresh. I am getting more files changed once again. Any help is appreciated.

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@herbert24 I saw your comment on my PR about the same issue. I request you for help on this. It seems to appear after running mvn clean install

are you still getting the same thing even after our discussion yesterday?