multiple wiki and developer guides

I am trying to understand which wiki/developer guide is the main entry for a new developer (so I can make sure I link to the correct one for example in the openmrs-core README) and it confuses me

I find:

  1. says “New! Please check out our New Guide” ->
  2. A subpage of 1. which says “Your first step when getting started as a developer should be to look through our Developer Manual” ->

Which manual is the new one and single source of truth?

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The one at gitbooks is what we are using going forwards. :slight_smile:

FLOSSmanuals was the original host for dev manual and Implementers guide. These were nice when they were created, but have grown stale because of the barrier to contributing changes.

During GCI 2016, they were transferred into GitBook format. Now, they are actually in GitHub and viewed via GitBook.

The link is a convenience to go directly to the English version of the dev manual.

Developer Manual

Implementers Guide

Either can be updated via direct editing or you can use the GitBook Editor. Our hope was to first get these updated and then entertain translation contributions.


I think is better for one who has knowledge about openmrs and the background of openmrs and wants to start contributing as a developer but he/she is not completely new to the OpenMRS community. I say its better because its demonstration driven ,the fact that it is linked to a video, the Dev Manual, and the Implementers Guide serve different purposes. The Getting Started page is where we point new devs who want to get started with development. The Dev Manual and Implementers guides are meant to be introductory reference books (i.e., printable) to provide an overview of OpenMRS for Devs and Implementers, respectively. We’d like each to be the best at its purpose. The Getting Started page should refer people to the Dev Guide if they want an introductory overview. Likewise, the Dev Guide should point to the Getting Started page as the place to start on the OpenMRS developer journey.

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