Multiple visit types enable within a same day

For example : A patient comes to visit two visit types doctor(Eye,Cardiology) and Need to pay him two visit types fee also.How to handle it because after enable a visit type, we can not close the a specific patient visit type by close “visit button” which is available in the registration second page.

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  • Create multiple visit types in OpenMRS -
    – now multiple visit types should show at the registration screen. Reg clerk may start a visit of required type choosing one from drop down.
  • Check documentation for configuration of patient registration - section 7 (configure visit)

@angshuonline you are absolutely right sir to enable or create multiple visit type in registration .But i have requirement to enable multiple visit type for a single patient. for example : a patient comes to visit two types visit one is “Eye visit type” and another is “Cardiology visit Type” within a single day. registration clerk first time enable the “Eye visit type” but after finish “Eye visit Type” .The registration clerk wants to enable patient “Cardiology visit type”. but second time registration clerk can not change the visit type Because we configure auto configure the close visit type 24 hours.So what is the process you feel

It’s Done.We can manage it to go to the registration second page by close visit and after that we can able to enable another visit type start.

Glad you resolved that. Few pointers

  1. If the above requirement is purely for “reporting” purpose - then you might model that as encounter type, rather than visit type. In this setup, your visit location would be “A” Hospital, and visit types maybe “OPD, IPD …” etc, without making any specific distinction to the departments/speciality. You can match different login locations (imagine - “ENT OPD”, “CARDIO OPD” etc etc), and map the encounter type to the login location. Subsequently, you can have your reports by checking the encounter types.
  • In this case, you will still have a single visit open at a time within the “A” Hospital, but encounter types and locations will be different.
  • You can configure a bigger period for visit to elapse. So if the “Cardio” consultations take longer time, you can keep a longer duration for a visit to remain open.
  1. Alternate and little complicated is to model in terms of departments within a Hospital and having multiple visits open at different locations, and your location hierarchy maybe

“A Hospital”

  • Cardio Department ( Visit Location, Login Location)
  • ENT Department ( Visit Location, Login Location)
  • General (Visit Location, Login Location)

In this approach, you can have multiple visits (of different types) open at different locations. Still, the duration for visit to elapse remain the same across different locations.

Check WIKI documentation for Visit Location