Multiple Visit Type for patient upon visit

I have this case where a patient might require to visit multiple polyclinic. For example : Eye and Skin.

Any idea how can I achieve the above ?

Hi @abiieez, Can you explain a bit more on? May be using one user journey?

Hi @swathivarkala

The flow would be like

  1. Go to registration counter
  2. Start visit (lets say to “Eye” polyclinic)
  3. Start another visit (lets say to “Skin” polyclinic)

Basically the patient only need to registers once and able to visit 2 polyclinics.

Is the above possible ?

Hi @abiieez,

It is possible using the Visit Location Feature of Bahmni. Please refer Bahmni WIKI for configuring Login Location to be Visit Location there by enabling active visit per login location.

So once you have this setup the flow will be something like below.

  1. Patient is registered by provider logged using Registration Location (But shouldn’t create Visit)
  2. When the patient goes to Eye Polycinic, the provider who logged in with EyePlyclinic login location will start a visit for the patient.
  3. Similar way, when the patient goes to Skin Polyclinic, the provider who logged in with SkinPolyclinic login location can start another visit even when the EyePolyclinic Visit is active for the same patient.
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Thanks I got it working.The above case seems good when the patient is a new patient.

However for returning patient (for instance he or she comes again the following week) then the patient can bypass the registration process and continue visiting the polyclincs directly. Ideally every patient needs to inform the front office each time he or she comes for administrative purpose then only the patient is eligible to visit the polyclinics.

Am I missing something here ?

Yes. I get your point. Ideally, Front Office Provider should be creating the Visit accordingly they should direct the patient polyclinic. But with the current system, provider needs to login with Polyclinic Visit Location then only they can create a new visit. So if the Start if Visit happens at Polyclinic itself, what else is to done at Front office?

Right now I cant think of other things to be done at front office. Perhaps there’s some sort of registration fee each time a patient visit. Ill have to check back the requirement.

By the way regarding the “Start Visit” action. Right now I can perform this by

  1. Going to the registration module
  2. Then I search the patient by name
  3. Then start the visit

Is it possible for me to hide the “Create New Patient” ? I dont want the provider in the polyclinic has the access to create new patient from their respective location.

I tried to change the access right however the provider is still able to create new patient

Hi, If you take a look at the Role “Registration-Visit-Action” it has “Add Patients” privilege and if you check config/registration/extension.json, the required privilege is Add patients. That is why you still see the Create New Patient button.