Multiple Identifiers including Integration with FingerPrint Technologies

I know session topics are closed at this time, but I am bringing this up coz I would love to pick implementer’s brains on how they approached this problem

Session Title: Multiple Identifiers including Integration with FingerPrint Technologies

Session Type: Birds of a Feather session (after-hours informal meetup)

Description: Implementing OpenMRS in a country (like Uganda) without unique identification to fall back on is a challenge. One approach we are looking into is to collect multiple identifiers from a client (depending on what they have on them) plus capturing fingerprints (in a pilot) which will be integrated with a Master Patient Index implementation that assigns a unique identifier after de-duplication of records.

I would like to hear how others have handled multiple identifiers and how integration with fingerprint technology (as another identifier) worked or did not work in a field implementation.

Suggested By: Stephen S. Musoke

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Thanks for this great session idea! Unfortunately, we have already done the initial OMRS15 session scheduling. However, we have intentionally left some open spaces to be claimed at the opening session on Thursday morning. We’d encourage you to consider one of the open time slots and schedule your session at that time. Thanks!