Multiple HTML Form entry forms updating the same data

I have a very large form for ART patients with about 20 sections. However the data elements sections are data that is transcribed from other data entry forms that have more detail.

I am trying to enable the following use case:

  1. A user can enter data in the main ART form

  2. A user can also enter data for a section, Transfer In, in another form but that data gets reflected in the main ART form in the correct section

Is this even possible within the current HTML form entry module? If so how do I set it up to work?

Hi Steven. I think the design should be multiple independent forms (one for for each section). Then they could be integrated together somehow to make a “complete” form. In the legacy UI, that was accomplished with a module (which I never used).

Maybe @mseaton could give you some additional guidance with this.

@mseaton just brining this back on your radar, any advice?

@mogoodrich @ball Any ideas?

Can you provide an example? For example, if there a multiple htmlforms which each ask “Hat size”, you can show “hat size” using the lookup tag

It appears from your question that you want to enter and edit “hat size” (same obs) on both forms? I don’t know how to do that.


@ball I have a very large form for registering a new patient on ART about 100 fields, which is submitted as an Initiation Encounter.

About 15 of those fields have to do with information when the patient has transferred in from another facility. I would like to have those fields entered in a separate form, but displayed in the larger form as well (possibly editeable too)

You can display using lookup, but don’t think there’s anything currently which allows you to edit something from a different encounter.

It’s possible to have two forms with the same encounter type. Then, when you load an encounter, depending on which form you choose, the appropriate information will be displayed.

So it’s supported behind the scenes, but there isn’t any direct UI integration for it. However, you should be able to accomplish something like this if you are using the Ref App and set up different extensions or apps that open different forms. We’ve done something similar to this on our registration dashboard–there’s only a single registration encounter that backs the dashboard, but little mini-forms are used to display the various windows on the path.

Hope that helps some! Mark