Multiple Checklists for Jira


I just wanted to propose installing Multiple Checklists for Jira on the OpenMRS Jira instance (

The whole community can benefit from using this app, as the possibilities are really countless, as described in this article:

You can find more information using the following links:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Jakub.

I like this! Thanks @jslawinski for the proposal. :slight_smile:

Hi, have we tried to install this addon?

Is it free of charge?

Yes, as all addons for server community Jira instances. This is exactly the same case as with Worklogs.

I see “Free trial” and “Buy now” options when i try install it.

This is something you have to ask Atlassian for.

You can find more information in this tutorial:

Not all plugins are free anymore.

A lot of them are paid for NGOs.

I think nothing has changed regarding Jira Server versions.

Can you try to ask Atlassian for a free license?

Any progress on that?

Since you are already a member of the community, can you volunteer to take it up? :slight_smile:

@maciej Can you help us with that?

All addons from Marketplace are still free for the Server version, and as I understand, this is the one used by OpenMRS, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

All we have to do to get all the add-ons from the Marketplace we want is to fill this request:

I don’t know on what e-mail account and what Contact Name was requested the original licence from Atlassian, so I can’t do it myself. When we will know that, we just have to list all the plugins we want from Marketplace - I think this would be a good opportunity to add couple of them at once.