MozFest East Africa

MozFest East Africa will bring together hundreds of passionate people - journalists, coders, filmmakers, designers, educators, gamers - from all over the continent to foster collaboration and participation through interactive sessions.

@k_joseph @wanyee Maybe you guys know some people nearby who’d want to showcase OpenMRS? :smile:


thanks @pascal for copying this to me, am just proposing a session in the first place so that we can be allocated a slot; i have several names i have thought about to provide as session title such as ; OpenMRS for health empowerment, Health IT for East Africa with OpenMRS. Any title propositions and presentations from the community better for this event would do well to get us in better position to successfully present OpenMRS for our session. Any one is welcome and encourage to show up so that we can show up together for the event, i hope to be there :smile: @dkayiwa, @ssemakadde have you seen this and what’s your availability to be available both for the event and presentation?

Just need community in-put @michael, @pascal, @dkayiwa, @ssemakadde as far as filling in the form is concerned, here is a copy of the partly filled form. Propose a Session form.pdf (138.0 KB). Please suggest some in-put for fields i have not yet filled in or suggest changes for the already filled in fields, your in-put will not only well represent the OpenMRS community through us to the attendees of the event but also will help in getting us ready to accomplish specific goals for this event that the community has desired to be achieved;


Hi @k_joseph,

It’s difficult for us to answer the missing questions without knowing exactly what you have in mind. Do you want a bunch of developers getting together and hacking on something? I think that’s a great idea if the goals are well defined.

I think for the agenda, it would be best for you or someone else to do an introduction that includes an overview of the system as well as some technical information to get people started. As for the issue of varying numbers of people, I don’t think that will be an issue, but maybe you could encourage peer/group programming?

Going forward, I think it would be great to encourage as many people as possible to join the OpenMRS community (and the OpenMRS Uganda community?). That way people can continue to contribute and be involved after the festival is done.

Cheers, Pascal