Moving to new major version of HFE

If there are no objections, I’d like to update HFE to 5.0.0, which will support platform 2.3.2 and up as it’s base version. The reason for doing this is to make it easier to implement the formFieldAndNamespace attribute for various HFE tags. Leveraging formFieldAndNamespace will allow us to properly restore repeating observations and other values to the field they were created by. 2.3.2 would serve as the base for this as it is the first version that has the FormRecordable interface, applied to both Condition and Obs.

Let me know if there are any objections. The 4.x line will continue in the 4.x branch and can continue to be used with platforms earlier than 2.3.2. Additionally, we’ll have a release of 4.4.0 which will include the latest changes before any breaking changes.


No objections, thanks @ibacher

Thanks @ibacher !