Moving or Migrating an OpenMRS to a Different Computer


What is the best practice for moving an openMRS enterprise installation to a different computer. I believe activities would include moving the MySQL database backup and copying the modules in the modules folder to the very folder of the desired destination if maintaining the openMRS version. My worry sets in when I give a close look at the MySQL database tables. I notice table names hinting that details of the modules saved imported via the GUI are often saved there. Does it mean that I perhaps do not need to re-import modules in the new computer?

No you do not have to.

Thanks for the swift response @dkayiwa . At some point I did a fresh install on the new computer then pointed to the database restored from the old computer then met the error - Your implementation id is in use by another installation. How can I go about it? More specifically, are there configuration files somewhere or database tables that store the implementation details that were supplied during the prior install.

Is this of help? Implementation Id - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki