Moving on to Spring Data JPA from Hibernate

With Spring Data JPA all CRUD operations would we accessed by default. No more DAO impl - the interface of the DAO is now the only artifact that need to be explicitly defined. Provides automatically generate queries from the method names and much more.

I suggest it would be a good improvements of data layer. I might work on it if community agrees :slight_smile:

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Please see comments at

You can create a separate issue in JIRA for moving to Spring Data JPA and work on that. Personally I like the idea a lot!

Please report back the issue you create here. I’ll be happy to assess it for you and share more thoughts I have.

@spereverziev, would you mind giving a bit more of a description of what this would look like?

Agree, and we can solve also this

Although I’m skeptical about automatically generating all queries. Basic CRUD operations yes of course.

I’ve created an issue Please access it and share your thoughts.

In general we will implement all functionality in DAO interfaces. All DAO impl classes would we removed. Please have a look on Spring Data JPA tutorial to be more familiar.