Moving modules to Transifex

Hello all–

fyi, I just moved four modules from the PIH Transifex account to the OpenMRS Transifex account. These were the remaining four modules that lived in PIH Transifex, but OpenMRS Github:

  • Appointment Scheduling UI
  • Dispensing
  • Radiology App
  • Reporting UI

Currently, they only have translations for Haitian Creole and French. I believe they will immediately start accepting translations for other languages in Transifex, but when someone pulls the translations in to the code base, they may manually have to create the new file and update .tx/config.

Also, as a side note, when I pushed up the translations to OpenMRS Transifex, one term out auto-magically translated, because it was an exact match to a previous translation. This is a nice feature, but not sure if we want it to happen automatically. I don’t think we have it happening automatically in PIH (but I searched around for a few minutes and couldn’t find out where the setting was).

Take care, Mark