Moving Database Backup Module to GitHub

I am not the owner of the module but I am requesting to get it moved so that I can make a feature request etc

I am copying in one of the module owners and a copy of the request on Talk is here

Happened to bump on this. I do not own the module and have no plans to change that but I might be able to help with migrating the codebase to Github as I am familiar with the process of svn to git migrations.

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@kosmik that would be much appreciated, cc @dkayiwa @bwolfe @mathias.lin

@ssmusoke, if someone can migrate the codebase to git, we can help create a repo for it under OpenMRS.

But you’ll have to migrate the codebase, and maybe Mikko can help. See the link Wyclif provided on the other thread.

@darius I am running the migration using the steps in the link @wyclif provided, next step will be to get a repo under OpenMRS cc @kosmik

Here is the git-repo:

Looks ok? I didn’t do any modifications or cleanup or add a license file or do any other repo preparation tasks suggested in the migration docs:

Migrating to git was actually super easy as this was a very small repo without any tags or large binaries or other nasty things. I used this command:

svn2git --trunk=databasebackup --notags --nobranches --no-minimize-url --authors ../authors.txt

@kosmik thanks let me work on mavenising the module in the mean time

@ssmusoke, sounds good. I’m not sure what you refer to by “in the mean time” but just to make sure: from the git migration’s point of view, the repo I linked to is ready to be copied under /openmrs and taken into use.

@kosmik just sent a PR with the conversion to Maven

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Merged at:

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@darius @dkayiwa @wyclif @raff @michael - just bringing this to your attention to get an OpenMRS github repo and associated JIRA tag and anything else needed to complete the move

For the JIRA project you need to ask for this on helpdesk:

Also copying at @burke (not necessarily that he needs to migrate the repo but he can point out the current process).

-Darius (by phone)

@kosmik, I’ve given you temporary permissions. could you try migrating the repo under OpenMRS and let me know if you succeed or not?

We need to add an open-source license to the repo. The easiest thing would be to copy the LICENSE from openmrs-core. It would also be nice if the README was more informative (e.g., link to a relevant wiki page for the module if one exists or to the JIRA project).

@burke, done:

I also added the LICENSE.

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