Moving ADX branch of dhisreport module to OpenMRS

user name : sagarbele (@sagarbele)

A link to your module repository :

  • Module is used for sending ,data from Openmrs to DHIS2 application. Uses standard ADX format and is required for many implementations across globe.

/cc @maurya, @bobj , @bmamlin


Question: is there actually a mechanism to move just one branch of the repository to a different org?

Darius, We have to transfer dhisreport module with its ADX branch.

What I mean is:

  • I know what it means to transfer the whole repository
  • I don’t know of a way to transfer just one branch, but leave the rest of the repository where it is (but that could be my ignorance)

Is the plan that we will transfer this whole repository from /hispindia to /openmrs? And, I guess, to merge the ADX branch to master pretty soon… (Or is there some other option that I don’t know about?)

@darius I think the plan is to move the whole repository and go ahead and merge the ADX version.

Will it be possible to move the repository in this state or should the ADX version be merged before it can be moved?

Sounds good to move it as-is. I approve.

@burke, what is the next step?

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pinging @burke and @ryan to help move this forward as soon as possible.

As an update: This transfer has happened and we are maintaining the DhisReport module in openmrs github account here.

Thank you everyone who made this happen.Especially, @sagarbele and the whole HISPIndia team for contributing this module to the OpenMRS community and allowing it to be community maintained moving forward.

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