More on concepts

With reference to using standard concepts (Using OCL to Manage Bahmni Concepts) we have requested CIEL for the latest in their Dropbox. We expect the next step to allow for interoperability with other health records via FHIR interfaces. For this I was exploring the Bangladesh implementation in in my vagrant environment. I am running into "Bringing up interface eth2: Determining if ip address is already in use for device eth2… Error, some other host already uses address [FAILED] Stderr from the command:

usage: ifdown bash: line 10: nmcli: command not found usage: ifdown bash: line 19: nmcli: command not found"

for each shr, shr2 and mci instances. Not able to connect to Bahmni or access the openmrs database.

Thanks for any help, Ashok

Hope we can work together on the CIEL integration. Please reach out.

Hi @ashokraman,

Are you still facing this issue. Can you try below workaround

Thanks, @binduak, that worked well. I now realize to have a version of Bangladesh Shared Health on my vagrant box, I need lot more pieces (Bahmni-Server for instance) and need to dig deeper to get it to work.

Best, Ashok