More clarification on "appframework-config.json" For disabling Apps

I have been looking at this feature done here, I think we should document it. I have been trying it out but no succes yet. I want to be able to disable some apps from running. I need more clafication on my issues below

  • what is the default location where the appframework-config.json file is to be placed ?
    Note : i have placed at the root of /omod/src/main/resources/ but no succes yet on disabling the apps i configured. here is what is simply wrote


"appConfiguration": {
    "someApp": {
        "enabled": false


N.B i imagined the other params would be taken as default.

  • Do i have to write any code to actvate that file eg i was looking at the tests

cc @mseaton @mogoodrich @darius

Did you figure this out?

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not yet @dkayiwa , i ddnt do any futher trial .

i Think it would be great if we could document such a powerful feature

Do you think that you can share your changes in a pull request such that i take a look at them?

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