Monthly Documentation Workshop and New Meeting Time

Hello everyone! This is an announcement that the second OpenMRS Documentation Workshop will take place via UberConference on Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021 at 7 pm Nairobi | 6 pm Cape Town | 11 am Boston | 8 am Seattle.

The workshop is titled “What Makes a Good Technical Document?” There will be a Google Slides presentation and writing exercises. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend.

Also, due to Daylight Saving Time, the documentation team’s meeting time has been changed to Wednesdays at 7 pm Nairobi | 6 pm Cape Town | 11 am Boston | 8 am Seattle. I hope this new time is convenient for everyone.

Please come to the workshop with questions and I hope to see you all there! Thank you!

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Thank you so much @kaylinbracey for taking the lead on this!

The challenge that i personally find with UberConference is that i can attend only when am on my computer. When on way from it (certainly with my phone), am not able to, because the UberConference app does not support phone installations from Africa, as per the last time i tried it.

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Thank you for letting me know about this. If you are unable to attend, I will make sure to post the Google Slides presentation after the workshop. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

I set up a Zoom room for Documentation (omrsdocs), so we can start using that if people prefer.

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Hello everyone! Just a reminder that our second Documentation Workshop will be tomorrow at 7 pm Nairobi | 6 pm Cape Town | 11 am Boston | 8 am Seattle. Hope to see you all there!

The monthly Documentation Workshop is starting now. Please join us on Dialpad Meetings!

Thank you everyone for attending today’s workshop. Here is the link to the Google Slides. Have a great day!

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