Monitoring of labor using electronic partogram

Does anyone have experience with electronic data collection and decision support of Partogram (Partograph)? Partogram is a graph of data collected during delivery. There are mobile applications (ie. mLabor from DiMagi/CommCare, iDeliver from VecnaCares). We have interfaced CommCare with OpenMRS, so that is not a barrier. Are there others? Anything else built into OpenMRS? This is important for tablet entry. A triage list of patients for every woman delivering in the ward would be ideal.

We want this for University Hospital in Mirebalais (Haiti) where we are already collecting point-of-care prenatal, delivery, and postnatal information. PIH broke ground on the Maternal Center of Excellence in Sierra Leone this week.

This would be invaluable for mother and baby care in real-time.

FYI @paulamendola Is iDelivery online for demo?

Hi Ellen

IDeliver has an epartogram that we can demo. I dont know if there is a public facing demo right now, but if you have some time this week, we can bring you through the application.

Thanks! Paul

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One more time…We have prioritized partogram and analyzing mobile apps. Anyone with positive (or negative) experiences with this or others?

(VecnaCare provided an iDelivery demo in 2021, but at that time iDeliver was proprietary. We will discuss mLabor with Dimagi this week. )

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O3’s OpenMRS Offline

Not sure what the partogram is at the end of the day, but I would imagine a mix of clinical forms and some patient chart widgets, and hence all this could be done with O3 and its offline features.

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On a brief review, it appears that the WHO Labour Care Guide (LCG) is a new/improved version of the current Partograph. There are many similarities and nice improvements. Anyone using either in OpenMRS?

Overview: Monitoring childbirth in a new era for maternal health

As for OpenMRS, PIH follows the clinical protocol of our dedicated staff. We are delaying software development until clinical staff reviews the LCG so we have data that matches patient care. We should avoid build something that requires immediate changes or is not used.

@mksd This would be built into O3’s OpenMRS offline.

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Interesting, thanks @ball for sharing here. Will there be a UX study involved? Looks like this would be a (big) must for such an endeavour. Namely an offline capable e-partogram.