Monday is *not* an OpenMRS holiday

Reminder: Per convention, the OpenMRS community generally does not conduct meetings or events on federal holidays recognized in the United States. For your convenience, a list of those holidays and their observed dates are listed at

However although Columbus day is a US holiday, neither Regenstrief Institute or ThoughtWorks celebrates this, so @burke and I have decided there’s no need to cancel Monday’s Project Management call and Design Forum.

Let’s all proceed with business as usual. :slight_smile:

I really don’t care that much, but seems weird on the business day beforehand to decide that a date listed as an OpenMRS holiday isn’t one.

I’m fine with pulling it out next year thought.


In theory I agree with you; in practice “OpenMRS Holiday” doesn’t have huge implications, given we’re a globally-distributed open-source community and we’re not paying people to work or not. :slight_smile: Mainly, there’s no point in canceling calls (like the PM one) if the usual attendees will attend.

True, fair enough.