Modulus Support Open Web Apps(Zip Files)

Hello Everyone I am Sandeep Raparthi.As a part of my GSOC 2015 project “Add Support for Open Web Apps” we would like to extend the functionality of Modulus Till now modulus supports .omod files now we also want it to support Zip files so that it can act a one point repository to allow OWA to be pushed, downloaded, uploaded to/from Modulus.
So far: I am trying to get a local ServerID i have filled the form as well written a mail to helpdesk awaiting a response. Open for your comments/suggestions. cc/ @n_nehete @sunbiz @elliott @r0bby

This is a great idea.

One thing: don’t forget to make sure you do a minimal amount of validation on zip files that people upload, to ensure that they are proper OWA files, and not just zip files full of jpgs or something. :slight_smile:

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@darius Thanks for the suggestion.Will definitely try and do some validations on OWA files. :slight_smile:

I’m unclear on what you are trying to accomplish.

  1. Are you trying to make changes to the modulus code base?
  2. What is a Local ServerID?

Hi @michael 1.Yes i want to make changes to both Modulus UI and Modulus Code base in order that it also supports Open Web Apps(which indeed are zip files). 2. i mean the oauth.providers.openmrsid and oauthProvider.clients.clientId details i will receive from completing the form at this link.I need them for the localInstance of Modulus

@sandeepraparthi, did you see this docker container for Modulus?

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Hi @r0bby No,I not familiar with dockers as i have not used them till date but will look into it :slight_smile: . Thanks

It’s a great way to get everything up and running.

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