Modulus maintainer for OWA and FHIR modules

@harsha89, @sunbiz or any one else, can you add me as one of the maintainers for the Open Web Apps and FHIR modules? I just want to upload their latest releases to modulus.

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Hi Daniel, happy to. Regarding FHIR, is this something I can do via looking under the FHIR module, im not sure I see where to add you :frowning:

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Thanks @surangak for the willingness to help. I noticed that you could not add me because you are not part of the existing maintainers listed in modulus. :smile:

I added you as a maintainer for owa in the module repository

Thank you so much @sunbiz :slight_smile:

I make @surangak the owner of the FHIR module. Please go ahead and add whoever as maintainers.

For reference, I did this from the javascript console by making this REST call (which I can do as a modulus admin):

$.ajax({ method: "PUT", url: "", contentType: "application/json", data: JSON.stringify({"owner":"surangak"}) });

I first tried to add @dkayiwa as a maintainer via REST, like this

$.ajax({ method: "PUT", url: "", contentType: "application/json", data: JSON.stringify({"maintainers":[{"username":"harsha89"},{"username":"dkayiwa"}]}) });

…but this gave me a 500 response.

(Per this thread, we should really get the latest modulus+ui code running, so more of this stuff can be done via the UI.)

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This is great!!! @darius :slight_smile: