Modulus Docs have been updated

I updated the docs for installing Modulus.I was having issues with getting it to build in Docker, but that seemed to resolve itself. I will be updating the docs within the next couple days. For now, e-mail the helpdesk and I will personally grant oauth credentials on – I would prefer you ran a local version of ID dashboard but running against production system is fine.

@darius, or someone else: could you test this out and let me know how I can improve it? I want to make it such that nobody has an excuse to not help us!

Thanks for updating the docs, @r0bby.

So you know, I’m highly unlikely to try this out at a “normal” time, but at some random time when I have a spare moment. So, my (personal) line in the sand is that I’m probably not going to try it until I don’t have to request a production account on ID dashboard from helpdesk.

(Definitely don’t have time now.)

I created one for you actually…It has been sent you via a Talk message