Modulus Admin Permissions!

I have been releasing a bunch of modules, but found that i need to request permissions to each and every module for which am not allowed to upload new releases. Is it possible to get some sort of admin permissions such that i can upload new versions for any module without having to first ping and wait for whoever will remember to get back to me with the needed permissions? :slight_smile:

From first glance, it doesn’t appear that modulus uses Crowd group assignment for admin access.

@r0bby or @elliott – where/how is admin access to modulus managed?


The version of the Modulus UI that we are running does not actually give an administrator access to all modules. However the REST API does, so I have personally been hacking via the REST API when, as an admin, I need to grant someone module ownership: Duplicate reporting module in modulus

I believe that this is fixed in the latest code for Modulus UI, and someone needs to figure out how to deploy this… (I had started here and it looks like Robby configured the database, but I think I dropped this thread.)

Also, we need to continue to look at replacing modulus with a thin wrapper around bintray, as was first being researched in the OWA Store GSOC project (final status update here). Does someone want to own carrying this forward?

I never actually finished… I think I got sidetracked…

Oh well.

So, the upshot is that Modulus is in a bad state, but if someone would show it a bit of love at least we could get the latest code deployed, and things would be somewhat better.

(I am not personally in a position to do this, which is why you’ve seen me hacking with the REST API in the cases where I do need to do something with modules.)

Modulus needs to get some TLC or put out of its misery.