ModuleUtil compareVersions should sort a SNAPSHOT version as "less than"

I did some changes to this ticket but while pushing the changes I got this ERROR. Any help going round this? @ruhanga @herbert24 @dkayiwa

Is the error after running mvn clean install command or when pushing the changes on the github?

@jwnasambu The error is after attempting to push

@odorajonathan try using this command “git push -f origin(branch)” use branch name were there is (branch)

Would that be a good option because as far as am aware git push --force usually causes merge conflicts.

@odorajonathan try it out coz i have ever gotten the same error and that command worked the magic for me

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Just a sec before you force the push, here is one helpful video that can help.

In a nut shell, you may just what to do a git pull --rebase upstream master on the branch you are working on to update it with dev changes from master, then you can push given there are no merge conflicts locally.

@ruhanga I still get the error but I am thinking of running a mvn clean install first, then I can see if it will push incase there are no local merge conflicts.

Okay, after a clean build and everything is up-to date, you may go ahead with @gcliff’s advise :slightly_smiling_face: .