Modules outdated??

Hello everyone,

my name is hugo im from portugal. Im studing openMRS to make an project. But im having an issue on modules version, to use the module core apps it shows me that i need the following modules:

. But i got on the modules folder and i got: appui 1.9, emrapi 1.24 and reporting 1.16, does it need the rigth versions on the first image or it can be higher/updated?

Another question is there a module or anything that install’s all the modules on the core version to make/look the same as the standalone??

Best regards, Hugo

Hi @meizzz,

Can you please confirm that all required modules are started and running?

Hi @meizzz, you must install the reference application module to make it look like the standalone version.

As far as the module compatibility is concerned, you may choose to use addons and choose your platform version there(from the select box in the top right corner). Once you choose that, search for any module that you wish to install and just click download. It will automatically download the version that is compatible with your installation.

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oh your rigth, @suthagar23 didnt had all running… ill will try it later

@reubenv , i tried to install this one module alone, but it doesnt had an UI so it didnt work out, maybe i need some more modules?

@meizzz which Refapp version are you using.It’s very brilliant to get those modules basing upon the RefApp version you are using.

current one is 2.7.0 and like @reubenv said,you can get them from addons

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@tendomart , i putted all the modules on the rigth version but now i got an error, so i googled and find this , it talks about downgrade my version to java 7, but it was over 1 year ago. Dont openMRS support java8?

edit: i tryed to downgrade the java version and isnt working. My error is on here

need some help over here

Just to point out that if you go to Download – you can find links to download various packagings of the latest reference application. For example you can get the standalone (which should run with a single click) or a zip of all the modules.

If you’re going to develop on top of this, then you should use the OpenMRS SDK:

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thanks everyone for the information, now i know what to do

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