Modules not persisting after docker container restart

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.7.0

Hello! I’m currently trying to update modules but the changes don’t persist when I restart the docker container.

In order to solve an issue with Order Entry UI I updated the UI commons module with the solution posted in this thread: Options for OpenMRS drug management?

Once I update the UI commons module I have to restart OpenMRS (otherwise I get an UI Framework error when accessing the patient dashboard).

This solution works locally, however when I restart the docker container on the server the changes to the modules don’t persist (i.e. Order Entry UI doesn’t appear in the list of installed modules, and UI Commons seem to revert to another version).

Has anyone encountered this?

Hi Juan :slight_smile:

It’s hard for me to give you a proper answer without access to your docker-compose file (I assume you are using one instead of calling docker from the command line?)

So can you please send us either your docker-compose file or the full commands you are running?

Here’s one example of a docker-compose which keeps the modules between restarts:

Note the volumes at the bottom. As far you are not destroying volumes, the data will be kept.

The error was solved by using the command “stop” instead of the command “down” when restarting the server.

Thank you for the reply Cintia!