Module releases missing from maven repo

Hi all,

I’m seeing errors this morning when trying to download dependencies from our maven repository that seem to indicate that artifacts are no longer there that I am expecting.

Nexus appears to be up, just missing many files. Can someone else confirm that I’m seeing this right and not looking in the wrong place?

Have a look here:

All I see is a lot of old snapshots and no actual releases.

I’d caution against anyone removing anything from their .m2 folders locally at this point, but if you were to temporarily move some of your local artifacts and start building a module that depends on those, things will fail.

@burke / @darius / @r0bby ?

Thanks, Mike

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I did upgrade nexus…weird…let me look into it…

Okay – looked into it – they’re not lost – they’re on disk – Just gotta fix a few things. I’m so sorry about this.

Okay all is fixed now

@r0bby did you also do anything to modulus? Looks like i cannot log in. :slight_smile:

I did not touch modulus but something has been going on with OpenMRS ID accounts – can you login from I only touched Nexus.

Thanks for the quick response on this today @r0bby - much appreciated.


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Everything is back to normal. If you had access to nexus, you do again. I have to call out @cintiadr for being awesome!