Module not starting but no error message

Module: pacsquery

System Version: OpenMRS 2.1.1

Issue or Question:

I’m trying to deploy a simple module I have made. I have successfully run the module on a test system (using OpenMRS SDK), and now am trying to copy the omod file to a test server.

The test server says: Pacs Query [Not Started]

However I’ve looked through the logs and can’t find any relevant error / warning message.

I am wondering if anyone has a pointer as to how to discover why the module is not starting?

It would be helpful if you could paste your server log on a service like and link it here so we can actually see what’s in the log.

I was able to solve the problem by setting module.allow_web_admin=true in the file, and the pushing the green “play” button on the manage modules page.

Is there a way to do this without enabling allow_web_admin?