Module naming idea and question about module roadmap timing

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing some research on OpenMRS FHIR support and found the FHIR2 Module.

Module naming idea

The module is named FHIR Module 2. FHIR is going to continue to improve over time. The current version is R4 v4.0.1 and R5 is under development. It feels like the module naming should be aligned to the FHIR version supported, either with a FHIR module release for each version (FHIR Module R4) or a standardized name with POM module version metadata number aligned to the supported version (FHIR Module <version>1.0.0-SNAPSHOT</version> <fhirSupportedVersion>4.0.1</fhirSupportedVersion>) Here’s the link to the FHIR released versions

Roadmap Question

  1. Can you share some info on the maturity of this module? How long has it been under development?
  2. Can you point me to the roadmap and when there is an expected release of 1.0.0? To put it another way, when will we get out of snapshots?

Thanks, Craig

@craigappl Thanks for your points on this. So, first, the FHIR2 module is very new and just getting underway. I.e., it was started in the conference at Maputo and has been under development for about 6 weeks. You can follow things both on the wiki and on JIRA, but things are still in relative infancy and we don’t yet have anything like a roadmap. The earliest we’re likely to be targeting a 1.0.0 release is probably alongside RefApp 2.11 (which itself is not yet underway).

Regarding the versioning thing: the intention is to have support for all versions of FHIR R4 and newer. Part of the reason for targeting R4 is because R4 is the first release of FHIR that has normative content, which should make the transition to newer version of FHIR simpler. However, at the end of the day, the module is called FHIR2 not because its targeting a specific form of FHIR, but because its replacing a previous module named FHIR with a fundamentally different architecture.

Thanks Ian