Module for LegacyUI - a part of OpenMRS

Hello Developer’s :smiley:

CC: @burke

The GSoC project for the module for Legacy UI aims at moving legacy UI into the module and get core features functioning through the module.

As a part of the project, I have moved a couple of functions to the [module for legacy UI][1]. This is the [core branch][2] which no more contains that respective set of functions.

Soon, we want to push to core the module if it looks the right approach of migration and maintenance. This would help in faster movement of the project once we push it into the core.

To achieve this, we first need a consensus of all the dev/5’s and our community if this is the right way to do things. I think it is a good idea to put forward this discussion which will lead to progress.

And hence, @jthomas- do you think we can use some time around 10-15 mins from the Design Forum(Maybe 27th July 2015 if that’s possible :slight_smile: ) to discuss further on this (say chart out the plans and ask if that looks a good way to proceed)?

Looking forward to the response, Thank you [1]: [2]:

@tharunya thank you for raising this question. The 27 July design forum is already full. Could 3 August work?

@jthomas, is the agenda for Monday (27 July) design is moving forward DHIS2? Are there other topics? If not, we could probably take 10-15 minutes at the front or back to review the Legacy UI rollout plan.

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@jthomas Adding to what @burke said, As we wouldn’t need an hour time, for just a matter of 15 mins we wouldn’t want to look for a complete call which would instead cater to the needs of someone who actually need a long discussion call.

So, (if that is possible, and accepted by the Lead’s of the call that day), just adjusting around 10-15 minutes should be good :smiley:

Apologies for the immediate request, however, in the future, I will make sure to bring to your notice and request for the design call far prior in time if an hour time is required. :slight_smile:

Thank you

@tharunya it sounds like @burke believes there will be time to cover both topics on Monday so please plan to join the design forum @4pm UTC. If you run into any issues please let me know.

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@jthomas Sure, Thank you! :smiley:

From today’s Design Forum discussion, we decided that these were next steps:

  1. Migrate openmrs-module-legacyui under
  • Clean up code (remove extra branches)
  • Submit request to repo management to migrate the repo.
  • Commit initial changes to openmrs-core to remove User and Patient admin functions in legacyui branch
  • Request branch in repo management.
  • Deploy openmrs-core#legacyui + openmrs-module-legacyui + refapp to a devtest machine.
  • Will need to request devtest instance from helpdesk
  • Prove that devtest is working as expected (give folks a chance to peak)
  • Once running on a devtest, email dev list with request to review
  • Merge legacyui branch to master on openmrs-core
  • Will need help from a /dev/4 or /dev/5
  • Update all distributions/downloads to include openmrs-module-legacyui module
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Some additional thoughts from @darius that are worth adding to the LegacyUI module project page for future tasks:

  • Set up a qa server running openmrs-core#master + legacyui + refapp (i.e., a pre-alpha view of refapp with refapp atop 2.0 platform using legacy module)
  • Other things that would be great to include as part of “legacy” UI (remove from core web app):
  • DWR (assuming we can extract it)
  • Old taglibs (.tag and .tld files)
  • Portlets
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