Module does not start automatically when installed

My module does not start automatically when installed, and OpenMRS tells me that it cannot start because it depends on other modules which are not started. However, my module does not require the other modules for it to work, since I only placed it under “aware_of_modules”.

What could be the problem?

Can you paste the server log at

I’m sorry for the late reply, but I still haven’t found the problem. I removed my aware_of_module tags in config.xml file, and also removed any dependencies in pom.xml temporarily, hoping that the module would start automatically without the other module, but it still did not work.

Here is the pastebin of my server log.

Can you also share the contents of other log files? This does not have what we need to figure out what is going on.

Here’s the

catalina.out file:


Is the legacyui module started and running?

The log looks incomplete.

We modified the legacy-ui project from github, to create our own core-ui module.

*edit: yes our own core-ui (legacy-ui) module is started

What kind of changes did you make to the legacyui module?

UI changes. We changed the navbar, log in page, add patient page, etc. We customized the ui to fit our own workflow.

Does it work if you used the unmodified legacyui module?

No, our module(sub module) would not work because the legacy-ui module lacks code that we have built on our own core-ui module that our module(sub-module) is dependent on.

I thought lack of your custom legacy ui module changes would not prevent your module from starting because they are simply user interface changes. The functionality would be missing, but the module would start.

I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that we also added back-end services in the core-ui module we made, which our module (sub-module) is dependent on.

But actually, our module(sub-module) always auto started together with our core-ui module, until the day that I put an “aware_of_module” tag in the config.xml file in an attempt to use another sub-modules’ services when it is installed. Ever since that time, even when I removed the aware_of_module tag, it didn’t auto-start anymore. I tried maven cleaning it, but it doesn’t revert back to auto-starting anymore. Can the code for auto-starting the module be found, what can I do to fix this?

Are your custom modules publicly available some where like on github for us to take a look?