module config version confusion


I wanted to update my modules configVersion in its config.xml and had a look at

where it says that version 1.6 exists but when I set the the verison in my config.xml like

<module configVersion="1.6">

and upload the module on openmrs 2.0.0 SNAPSHOT Build 001ba8 with legacy ui I get that the version is invalid which judging by the code

I understand that it isnt valid.

Is the wiki ahead of its time? Or is the Config.dtd version mentioned there not the same as the version element in the file itself?

@teleivo very nice catch! Do you have some time to create a pull request? :slight_smile:

haha, is the only change needed to add the other valid versions? then yes :wink: or do we need to match the config versions against the running openmrs version?



That was fast. Thanks @teleivo :slight_smile: